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Krav Maga

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I started my Krav Maga journey almost 10 years ago having previously trained in Boxing for many years.  During a business trip to Israel I visited The Caliber 3 Centre on the West Bank. Little did I know at the time that the fighting style I was being taught was Krav Maga. Upon my return I started training under Master Alex Paris, World Krav Maga Association, and I am now a Level 3 Instructor. My Krav Maga journey has taken me to many places in the UK and Europe.

My focus is to teach realistic street defences that can be used in everyday scenario's, employing effective situational awareness and threat assessments.

Krav Maga is a combative defence system that can be used by anyone of any age so get in touch and start your own journey!



Trevor payne
Lead Instructor

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I am a Krav Maga instructor with UK Puma Defence and the WKMA. I also hold a Black Belt in KAPAP with the Global Kapap Association. My five years of training have been intense but have opened up the world to me. I’ve met new people, travelled and gained a skillset I’ll use lifelong.

I am fully insured, a regulated First Aider, DBS checked and a trauma informed coach. I also have experience working with vulnerable adults and people with communication difficulties and Autism. Outside of self defence, I am certified Personal Trainer and regularly train in Brazilian JiuJitsu.

Jennifer D'urban


I started Karate in 1989 initially training in Wado-Ryu and then Shotokan. As I progressed I moved onto Goju-Ryu karate where I now hold a 2nd Dan black belt. Krav Maga gave me new perspective and is a valuable addition to my past experience. Krav Maga, as a combative, has a combination of no nonsense techniques and has many practical applications for self defence in the modern world.  I am currently training for my Black Belt Instructor Grade and enjoy helping to develop fast response techniques in a real world scenario.

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"...the training has left me so much more empowered..."


June, 2021

"....I'm loving knife defence techniques ..."


February, 2019

" fitness has improved and I feel stronger and safer..."


October, 2019


Trevor Payne

Lead Instructor

Mobile 07941 021494


Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, England

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